MP TOURISM STATE LEVEL QUIZ COMPETITION 2023 conducted on 29 September 2023 with duration 2 hrs which is scheduling from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm. this question paper was appeared by the selected candedates from districts of madhya pradesh. Here are we prviding the MP TOURISM STATE LEVEL QUIZ COMPETITION 2023 Solved Question Paper for you.


DATE- 29th Sep. 2023, Time 2.00 hours Time: 10 am to 12 pm.

Carefully read the instructions then solve the questions.

  1. The question paper has 10 sections. Every section has 10 questions each, totaling to 100 questions. You are being given a separate answer-sheet to write your answers. All participant members (students) of the schools will write their names and sign and write the name of their school. Then they will write the correct answers in the answer-sheet in the blank space provided according to question number.
  2. Answer should be written only one time. Re-written/over written answer will not be considered.
  3. 1 marks will be given for every correct answer. For a wrong answer or un-attempted question, zero marks will be given.
  4. This question paper is to be solved jointly by the three- membered school team.
  5. The question paper can be taken by the students. Answer sheet has to be compulsorily submitted to the invigilator.
  6. The Evaluators must follow the instructions given during evaluation.
  7. The Answer –sheet must have the signatures of the Invigilator and the Evaluator.
  8. In case of any dispute, the decision of MP Tourism Board will be final.


Section 1 (Objective Question)

From –  Question 1 to 10 pertain to the History, Archaeology and dynasties of Madhya Pradesh. Read them carefully and write the answers in your answer sheet.

1. Bhimbetka, located in Raisen district is a pre-stone age residential spot. It is famous for the rockpaintings and rock-shelters made by pre-historic humans. UNESCO declared Bhimbetka as World Heritage in 2003. Which archaeologist and famous historian had discovered this site?  

 (A) Dr. Vishnu Shridhar Vakankar  (B) RV Joshi   (C) MD Khare   (D) Dr. HD Sankaliya 

2. The terracotta pieces found  in excavation at this site  bear the description of ‘ Taksil’ ( Takshshila), Seehak(Singhal) and the names of 16 monks . This site was also a popular center  of learning of Buddhism. 11 stupas belonging to Mauryan age has been found from here. Name the site.   

(A) Bagh  (B) Sanchi   (C) Kasrawad  (D) Shahdol 

3. This spot, located at the left bank of Beena river has a temple of MahaVishnu other than Mahavarah and Narsingh temple, which are related to the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. It is assumed that it was an important city during the time of the Guptas. The Bhanugupt epigraph  dating 510 BC, was also found from here. What is the name of this place? 

(A) Rahatgarh  (B) Eran (C ) Vidisha (D) Begumganj

4. The famous temples of Khajuraho situated in Madhya Pradesh were constructed by the Chandel rulers. All the temples are in the Naagar style of architecture.  These temples are included in the list of World Heritage. To which religion  do these temples belong to?   

(A) Shaiv and Jain religion (B) Shaiv, Jain and Buddhism religion    (C) Shaiv,Jain and Vaishnav religion   (D)Shaiv,Jain,Vaishnav and Buddhism religion

5. In 18th Centuary, Dost Mohammad Khan had made this city the capital of Bhopal state and named it ‘Islamnagar’.  The Chaman Mahal, Rani Mahal and Sheesh Mahal situated here are tourist attractions. Recently, the government of Madhya Pradesh issued a notification and reverted its old name, after 308 years. What is the name of this city?   

(A) Jagdishpur  (B) Rani Kamlapati    (C) Narmadapuram  (D) Bhairunda 

6. In 1034-1035 AD, Raja Bhoj had constructed Bhojshala here  and also got constructed a temple of Ma Saraswati Vagdevi for the promotion of Hindu way of life, culture and Sanskrit language. Write the name of this city?  

(A) Bhojpur  (B) Bhopal   (C) Dhar  (D) Ujjain       

7. This temple inspired by Roman architecture was constructed by the ruler of Panna, Maharaj Rudrapratap. The lay out of the temple was designed by Italian engineer, Metley.  The tall pillars and the grandeur of the mandap in the temple premises are a visual treat. The beautiful statue  of the lord  Shaligram  in the temple was brought by Maharaj Rudra Pratap from Vrindavan. What is the name of the temple?   

(A) Ram Janki Temple  (B) Jugalkishore temple   (C) Pran Nath temple  (D) Baldev Temple 

8. To which ruler are the small epigraph(inscription) found at Roopnath dham of Katni and Gurjara in Datia related to?   

(A) Kanishk  (B) Bindusar    (C) Pushyamitra  Shunga  (D) Ashok 

9. According to historic sources, during the regime of Shunga ruler Bhagbhadra,  the messenger of Greek King Antialkids,  Heliodorus had come to  Bharat and  had accepted the Bhagwat dharma. Heliodorus had constructed the famous Garud-pillar which is presently known as Khambaba.  Where is this Garuda -Pillar located at present?   

(A) Vidisha  (B) Mahishmiti( Maheshwar)    (C) Ujjain  (D) Sanchi 

10. In the survey of this district, fossils and stone tools were found in Parastipur, Palasi and Nemawar village and tolls belonging to early stone age were found in village Ghantyakala. The statue  of Devi Chamunda , situated at a hill in this district probably date to 9-10th Centuary AD.  Evidences have also been found that this site was also a Parmar site.  This district/city was divided in senior and junior states.  

(A) Dhar  (B) Dewas    (C) Sehore  (D) Shajapur 

Section- 2 (Write the correct answer)

From – Question 11 to 20 are about the films shot in Madhya Pradesh. You have to write the correct answers in your answer-sheet. 

11. Which film was shot by Actress Neetu Kapoor, Shraddha Shrinath and Actor Sunny Kaushal in the Regional park of Indore? 

12. The movie released in 2018 ‘Lukachhipi’ was shot in Gwalior and around. One of the actors/actress of the film was born and had his/her early education in Gwalior. Write his/her name? 13. One famous actress of Bharat was born in Jabalpur and had her early education in Bhopal. Her film career began with the film ‘Mahanagar’ by renowned film director Satyajit Ray. What is the name of the actress ?

14.  Famous playback singer,actor and director of Bhartiya film industry  was born in Khandwa (MP). His real name was Abhas Kumar Ganguli. ‘Half-ticket’, ‘Chalti Ka Nam Gadi’ and ‘Jhumru’ are were some of his best films.  What is the name of the actor?    

15. In which district of Madhya Pradesh, parts of films like ‘Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hei’, ‘Ashoka’ and ‘Mohenjodaro’ were shot? 

16. The film based on the true story of Madhya Pradesh’s Anita Narre was shot in Sehore and Narmadapuram  in which Akshay Kumar and Bhoomi Padnekar had played the lead role. What is the name of the film?

17. The film starring Abhishek Bachhan and Aishwarya Rai was shot in the historic tourist place Orchha of Madhya Pradesh, which was directed by Mani Ratnam. Write the name of the film. 

18. The film  directed by Ram Madhwani was based on the life of an air-hostess.  The film was shot in Bhopal and Maheshwar. The film received the National award for Best Hindi film. Write the name of the film. 

19. The film Rajneeti starring Ajay Devgan, Ranbeer Kapoor and Kaitrina Kaif and directed by Prakash Jha was shot at Minto hall of Bhopal. The name of Minto hall has been changed by the state government. Write the new name. 20. The film ‘Revolver Rani’ which was released  in 2013 was shot in Gwalior, Bhopal and Datia. Who played the female lead in this film?

Section 3 (Answer the questions from the given options)

From –  Question 21 to 30 are about the national parks, sanctuaries and eco-tourism of Madhya Pradesh. You have to select the correct answer from the alternatives given to you and write the correct answer in your answer -sheet.  (Van-vihar National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhav National Park, Sanjay Dubri National Park, Satpura National Park, Noradehi Sanctury, Panna National Park, Kanha-Kisli National Park, Ratapani Sanctury, Sailana Sanctury) 

21. Which National Park,/Tiger Reserve of Madhya Pradesh has been given the ‘award of excellence’  for working towards  providing best services to tourists, by world famous website ‘Tripadvisor’. Write the name of the national park?

22. This national park of Madhya Pradesh is special for preservation of wild-life. In this national park, first time White Tiger ‘Mohan’ was found in 1951. This national park also falls on the route of the seasonal movement of the wild elephants of Chattisgarh. 80% of the forest is that of Sal and rest 20% is mixed forest.  Write the name of this National Park?

23. This is a main national park of Madhya Pradesh which is surrounded by 32 forest-covered hills. This national park has the maximum tiger density in the country. The huge statue of reclining Vishnu on Shesh-Nag is the historic heritage of this National Park.

24. This national park of Madhya Pradesh is famous for preservation of wildlife and its natural beauty. The Barasingha of ‘Bredari’ species is found here. Write the name of this National Park 

25. This national park was founded in the year 1958. George Castle and Sakhya Sagar Lake are its tourist attractions. Write the name of this National Park.      

26. Hundreds of tourists visit this National Park daily  to see the hyena, bear, tortoise, tiger and snake-park in this national park of Madhya Pradesh. The only rescue-center of Madhya Pradesh for providing medical treatment to wild animals is here. The lake adjoining this national park is one of the wet-lands of Bharat. What is the name of the national park? 

27. The first bio-reserved circle of Madhya Pradesh is situated here. This place is known as the destination of the waterfalls. Beautiful green hills, mountain ranges and thick forests are its specialty.  A national park, recently formed is also situated here.  Write the name of the national park. 

28. This only sanctuary of Madhya Pradesh has been included in Project tiger. Spots of pre-historic importance like Lakha-Jwar, Rangmahal, Ginnorgarh, Kairi- waterfall, Ranbhainsa etc are situated here. Write the name of this sanctuary. 

29. This wild life sanctuary is spread over three districts of Madhya Pradesh like Sagar, Damoh and Narsinghpur. This is a rising tourist destination amongst the wild-life lovers. Chhebala lake, Bamner river and Mohali Forest Rest House make the park special. What is the name of this sanctuary? 

30. Here famous ornithologist Dr Salem Ali identified the migratory Kharmore bird in the decade of 80s. Then government made this place into a sanctuary to preserve this bird. Close to this sanctuary, the world-famous cactus park is also situated. What is the name of this sanctuary? 

Section-4 (Objective questions)

From – Question 31 to 40 are about the palaces, havelies, fort, durg and garhis  situated in various districts of Madhya Pradesh  which are the major heritage and  tourist attractions of that place. On the basis of the description given to you, choose the correct answer and write in your answer sheet.  31. This castle/durg was constructed by Gond king Narendra Shah in the 16th Centuary. Shah-burz, Satkhanda mahal, Raj-Rajeshwari temple add to the beauty of this castle/durg. Narmada river surrounds it from three sides. What is the name of this durg/palace?    

(A) Mandla Durg  (B) Madan Mahal     (C) Singhorgarh Durg  (D) Asirgarh Durg 

32.  In the 18th Centuary, ruler of Bhadawar state, Gopal Singh Bhadoriya had built this fort. A Shiva temple and famous Bhindi Rishi temple are also situated within the Fort premises. At present, an archaeological museum is situated in the Darbar hall of the fort while a girls college is held in another part of the fort. What is the name of the Fort?   

(A) Fort of Ater (B) Fort of Sheopur      (C) Sabalgarh Fort (D) Fort of Bhind   

33.  The ruler of Orchha Maharaja Veer Singh constructed an excellent palace in Datia. The architecture of this palace is basically Rajput.  For those travelling by bus or train, the palace provides a recognition to Datia from a distance. One part of the palace which is known as Munda Mahal is incomplete. What is the name of the palace?    

(A) Sathkhanda Mahal  (B) Kanhargarh Mahal    (C) Rajgarh Mahal (D) Pratapgarh Durg    

34.  This fort is situated in Satna, in  the north-eastern part of Madhya Pradesh which was built by Baghel ruler of Rewa Maharaj Vishwanath Singh in the 18th Centuary. Write the name of this Fort.     

(A) Uchera Fort (B) Hathi Mahal Fort      (C) Madhavgarh Fort (D) Nagod Fort

35.   This beautiful palace is situated  on the bank of Seep river in Sheopur district.  The Char bagh situated in front of the palace is an example of local form of  Mughal style.The Jharokhas, sculpted designs and rounded roofs represent the Rajput style while the Deewan-e-Aam, Darbar hall represent the Scindhiya style. There is a Sehariya museum in the Darbar hall where one may see the glimpses of the  culture and life-style of the Sehariya tribes. What is the name of this palace?       

(A) Madhavgarh Palace  (B)Narsingh Palace      (C) JaiVilas Palace  (D) Manpur Palace   

36.  This palace/Rajwada is situated in the mid of the city and was built by Malhar Rao Holkar. It has temple of the Kul-Devta,  and ‘Hoklar ki gaddi’. Nearby is the temple of Pandharinath( Vishnu) . Its architecture is a mixture of French,Maratha and Mughal styles.     

(A) Maheshwar Fort  (B) Juna Rajwada       (C) Sukhniwas Palace  (D) Lal Bagh Palace  

37.  This palace is one of the old memorials of Orchha. It was built by King Madhukar Shah in the 17th Century.  This palace is famous for its murals and paintings related with religious texts. What is the name of this palace?    

(A) Raja Mahal  (B) Jahangir Mahal      (C) Sheesh Mahal   (D) Naukhanda Mahal  

38.  This palace is situated between two man-made lakes- Munj Lake and Kapur Lake in the famous tourist destination of Madhya Pradesh,Mandu.  It has a very beautiful water transport system and fountains which gives pleasure.  Tabeli Mahal is situated near it. What is the name of this palace?    

(A) Asharfi Mahal  (B) Hindola Mahal      (C) Baz Bahadur Mahal  (D) Jahaz Mahal  

39. In the medieval Madhya Pradesh, this palace was very important from strategic point of view. In the 15th Centuary Gond king Dalpath Shah resided in this fort along with his queen Rani Durgawati. What is the name of this Fort/Durg?      

(A)  Singhorgarh Durg  (B)Madan Mahal      (C)  Ramgarh Fort (D)Batiyagarh Fort

40.   This fort/palace situated in Rajgarh district is a major tourist attraction which is situated at the  top of a  350 feet high serpentine hill . This fort/palace was built by Dewan Parasram in 1681 AD. There is also beautiful lake below the fort. What is the name of the Fort.     (A) Rajgarh Fort  (B) Arjun Palace       (C) Narsinghgarh Fort  (D) Sarangpur Palace     

Section- 5 (Match the column)

 From – Questions 41-50 are divided in two part. Part ‘A’ has the question and part ‘B’ has the answer. Questions related to the dynasties of Madhya Pradesh, freedom fighters’ place  of action, samadhis, satyagraha and spot of achieving martyrdom. You have to select the correct answer from Column ‘B’ and  write the correct answer in your answer-sheet. Part ‘A’ Part ‘B’

41. The spot of Martyrdom of Tatya Tope  Gwalior 

42. The samadhi spot of Rani Durgawati Balpur Village 

43. Chandrashekhar Azad’s place of action  Gadha Purwa  44. Samadhi of Rani Laxmi Bai  Ghoda Dongri

45. The space of work/action of freedom fighter Tantiya Bheel Shivpuri

46. Rani Avanibai Samadhi spot Patalpani

47. The space of work/action of freedom fighter Bheema Nayak Duawa Bawdi village (Dhaba Bawdi)

48. The space of work/action of Raja Shankar shah Village Barela 

49.  The space of work/action of Raja Bakhtawar Singh Satar Tat (Orchha)

50. Jungle Satyagraha of Ganjan Singh Korku and Banjare Korku  Amjhera (Dhar) 

Section- 6 (Answer in one word/sentence)

From- Question 51 to 60 include questions about culture, tourism, religious beliefs of Madhya Pradesh. You have to write the correct answer in your answer sheet. 

51.   A 108 feet tall statue of the child-form of Aadi Shankaracharya has been erected at a holy site of Madhya Pradesh. At this spot , Aadi Shankaracharya had received Deeksha  from Guru Govind Bhagwat Paad. By what name will the statue be known? 

52.  In ancient Bharat, this city was one of the centers of learning of astrology. The Vedhshala situated here has tara-mandal, telescope,dignasa yantra and Sun Dial which is very famous. Write the ancient name of this city. 

53.   The famous Bhilatdev temple situated in Satpura hill range,  57 kilometers from Badwani district head-quarters, is famous amongst pilgrims. Write the name of this spot. 

54.   Where are the Kandariya Mahadev Temple,Vishwanath temple,Devi Jagdamba temple, Laxman temple etc which attract tourists with their rich sculpture, located? 

55.  In this tourism district of Madhya Pradesh,Raja Prayagdas constructed a huge temple of Lord Vijay Raghav and a fort in the 19th Centuary.  The city was named after the fort as Vijayraghavgarh. There is an akhada,temple and bawdi  inside the fort. On the other side of the fort, there is a beautiful  building known as Rang Mahal. What is the name of the district?       

56.   This district of Madhya Pradesh is known as the Lucknow of Madhya Pradesh due to silk production and silk industry. Aade-gaon ka kila,Payali water premises,Bhimgarh Eco Tourism Center,Sitabuldi fort,Swar Wild-life preservation center etc are the tourist attractions here. Write the name of the district.  

57.    In this tourism district of Madhya Pradesh, Dev-jhiri and Ropdi Eco-tourism centers, Ram Panchayatan temple (Rangpura),Mata Mandir, Ram Sharan Bhavan, Bhagoriya Haat are the main tourist atractions.  Peepal Khunta, Samoyi and Taarkhedi are the main spots to be seen. Write the name of the district. 

58.   In this tourism district of Madhya Pradesh,  ancient math of Gondagaon-Gangseri are very important from spiritual and architectural point of view. Famous by the name of Gangesari Math, this math is situated at the confluence of Narmada,Ganjal and (local) Gomti river. The math has images of lord Dattatreya and cenotaphs of mahants. Write the name of the district. 

59.  This stupa situated in Madhya Pradesh is the largest Buddhist stupa of the state, which represent love, peace, faith and courage. The Sculpture on the Stupa and the four torans on the four sides of the stupas are the best examples of sculptures and iconography of ancient India. This spot of Stupa is also  known as ‘Kaknadabot.’ Where is this stupa situated?  

60.  This temple situated in the Agar-Malwa district of Madhya Pradesh was in the form of a math in 16th centuary. British Connel Martin after collecting money from general public, had a temple with Shikhar renovated in the place of the math. Present Agar Malwa was a cantonment during British time. Write the name of the temple.

Section- 7 (Write the correct answer)

From – Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation promotes tourism and provides high-end and managed hotel facilities in Madhya Pradesh through more than 60 hotels. Question 61 to 70 relate to questions based on this. You have to write the correct answer in your answer-sheet. 

61.  The name of a hotel run by Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation has its name derived from production of clothes. It is situated in a major tourist destination. What is the name of the hotel? 

62.   Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation runs a hotel by the name of a famous musician in a historic tourist  city. This city was also related with the Freedom Struggle.  What is the name of the hotel? 

63.  In the pilgrim city of Maihar, a hotel is being run by Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation for the facilitation of tourists. What is the name of the hotel? 

64.  A hotel is being run by the name of ‘Narmada Resort’ at a tourist destination of Madhya Pradesh by Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation. What is the name of the tourist destination?     

65.  This spot is famous for water activities and is known as the backwater of Indira Sagar Dam.  A hotel and resort is being run by Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation.  What is the name of  tourist  destination? 

66.  At the southern part of Madhya Pradesh, a hotel is being run by Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation whose name is after the name of a river. Write the name of the hotel.

67.   Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation has  two hotels at historic  tourist destination Mandu. One of them is Malwa Retreat. What is the name of the other hotel? 

68.  Write the name of the unit run by Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development near Tawa dam in Narmadapuram district?

69.  Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation runs two residential units at historic tourist place Chitrakoot.  The name of one of them is ‘Mandakini Resort’. Write the name of the other residential unit. 70.  Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation runs an entertainment spot in the state capital. Write the name of this spot.

Section- 8 (Write the name of  craft, art, museum, place, district as per the question)

From- Question 71-80 are about the handloom and handicrafts, paintings and museums of Madhya Pradesh. Write the name of the craft /art/museum’s name, district and place   in your answer-sheet.

71.  As part of One District, One product scheme, in which district of Madhya Pradesh has the unit for producing fibre from banana  been established? Banana fibre is used for making brooms to be used for puja, yoga-mat and decorative planters etc. Write the name of the district. 

72. This form of wall- painting is a ritualistic painting which is mainly made by the Rathwa , Bheel and Bhilala tribes of Jhabua. Write the name of the form of painting.   

73.  This is  a 400 years old art of making fine gold  wire upon the base of molten ,coloured glass. In this, fine lattice pattern of gold and jewelleries inspired by nature and Puranic tales are made.  This art/jewellery is practiced in Neemuch/Mandsaur districts.  Write the name of this art/jewellery.

74.  Gond paintings are the indigenous graphic expressions of the Gond tribe. They have a very interesting style of making paintings with  detailed  patterns. These coloured, patterned paintings wholly represent the tribal life. A district of Madhya Pradesh is renowned for the tradition of its world- famous Gond painters. Write the name of the district. 

75.  The tribals of this district make articles of metal of day to days use and statues of gods and goddesses by using the Bhareva art. This district is also famous for Dokra art. Write the name of the district.      

76.  This is the famous folk painting of Bundelkhand. During the Laxmi-puja at the festival of Diwali, girls and women make this painting. Its lattice -patterened designs display the creativity of Bundeli women. The forms of goddess Laxmi is made in this painting. Write the name of this painting. 

77.   In the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh, figures of traditional articles like pankha, beej ka bijora,chopad, eight petalled flower,dokra-dokri, pair of jalebi, bandarwal and kilakot  are drawn for 16 days.  To which form of painting do these figures relate to? 

78.  A part of this palace of Raja Mansingh has been protected by State Archaeological department and  a part of it has been converted into museum.  The world-famous Shal-Banjika,the terracotta remains recovered from Pavaya, Vedika from Bharhut and the Chhatra-stambh belonging to Shunga period  are the important heritage of this museum. There are 15 galleries here. What is the name of this museum? 

79. This distinguished museum of Madhya Pradesh displays tribal development along with  their folk art and their buildings, besides displaying  the story of development of human civilization. What is the name of the museum? 

80.  In the archaeological museum of this district, lakhs of years old  fossils of vegetation and stone tolls used by Early -Stone Age man are preserved along-side stone statues. The museum is divided in three galleries, namely Shaiv gallery, Vaishnav-Jain gallery and Vyantar-Devi-Devta Gallery.  Coins belonging to Kushan period and silver coins belonging to Imperial period  are also displayed here. Write the name of the district of this archaeological museum. 

Section-9 (Fill in the blanks with the given options )

 From –  Question 81-90 have questions about pre-historic and important caves of Madhya Pradesh. Select the correct answer from the given options,  on the basis of the description given  in the question. ( Cave of Pahadgarh, Cave of Shankaracharya,Bahrthari caves, Caves of Adamgarh,Mada caves, Udaigiri caves, Silhara caves,Dhamnar/Dharamrajeshwar caves, Pandav caves, SaruMaru Caves).

81.   A series of 86 caves is seen along the Asan river in the Morena district of Madhya Pradesh. These caves are considered to be contemporary to Bhimbetka caves. Paintings of men,-women, animalhunting, birds and dance may be seen here. These caves are known as ……………….

82. ………… is situated  by the bank of Narmada river in Omkareshwar.  There used to be secret ways of reaching the Narmada from these caves, which were shut down later.  

83.  …………. Is situated near Kaliadeh palace, 12 kilometers from Ujjain.It was built by the Parmar rulers in the 11th centuary.   

84.   These Buddhist caves are situated in the Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh. These caves are considered to be cotemporary to the Ajanta caves ( Maharastra). These caves were constructed by the Gupta rulers. These caves are known as ……………..      

85.   These caves were built by Chandrasen, the minister of Gupt ruler Chandragupt. There are 20 caves in all. The caves have been cut in to small rooms. The statues in the caves disappeared on their own………………….. is situated in Vidisha district. 

86.  These are 5 caves considered to be belonging to the time of Mahabharata, situated in Pachmari in Narmadapuram district. Draupadi Kothri and Bheem kothri are the main amongst them. Archaeologist consider the caves to be belonging to the Gupta Age and be made by Buddhist monks. These caves are known as ……………… 

87.  These caves have been constructed on the red stones of Shivalhara hills. A temple of lord Shiva is made here inside the caves. Fairs are held here during Makar Sankranti and Shivratri. These caves are at a distance of 40 kilometer from the district headquarters of Anuppur, famous by the name of………………….

88.   ……..……… is situated at a hill near Chandravasa village in Mandsaur district. According to historians, these caves are actually Buddhist Viharas. At this place, James Tauh had counted 235 caves in a series, shaped like the horse-shoe.  

89.  This is an archaeological site of ancient Buddhist math and caves in the village Pan Guradiya of Budni Tehsil of Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh. Many Buddhist wall paintings have been found in the caves. An inscription of emperor Ashok has also been found here. The caves are called as………………. 

90.  ……………….situated  in the Narmadapuram district, in the Vindhya mountain ranges, is famous for its rock-shelters and cave paintings. There are 18 caves in which excellent paintings made by prehistoric men can be seen. Proofs of groups of human living  have been found here.  This site is preserved by Archaeological Survey.  

Section-10 (Write the correct answer in your answer-sheet)

From – Question 91-100 describe   the natural, geographical structures, water bodies and man-made dams of Madhya Pradesh.  Write the correct answer in your answer-sheet.

91.  The Shayamji Sankha temple is situated in the Rajgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. This temple was constructed by Raja Sangram Singh in the memory of his wife in the 16-17th /century. This temple is made in the Malwi and Rajasthani architectural style.  Shayam ji ka Mela fair is held here in the month of Magh. At the bank of  which river is this temple situated?  

92.   There are two dams constructed over this river flowing in the Morena district of Madhya Pradesh.  Because of the Pagara dam  in Jaura and  Kotwal dam in Morena, the river is full of water throughout the year. What is the name of the river? 

93.   Cenotaphs were made in the memory of the rulers of Orchha on the Kanchna Ghat in the 17-18th centuary.  These cenotaphs are made in the Bundeli style and  magically attract tourists. On the bank of which river are these cenotaphs located?      

94.  At a holy site situated in the Chhatarpur district, there is a  natural water body (kund)inside  even ground. This waterbody (kund) is located inside a cave. The waterbody (kund) is filled with pure, transparent water. There is also a Shivling here. What is the name of the kund?  

95.  The ‘Chechpura waterfall’, situated amongst dense forest and black stones is a major tourist attraction of Umariya district. Upon which river is the waterfall located?   

96.   Narmada river forms this waterfall from the height of approximately 100 feet, giving pleasure to the tourists.  Being the place of meditation of a rishi, the waterfall is famous by his name. The temple of Kapileshwar Mahadev is situated near this waterfall. What is the name of this waterfall? 

97.    Famous tourist destination of Madhya Pradesh, Madhai is an ideal place for nature-lovers and adventurers. The forests surrounding it are part of the Satpura Tiger Reserve. By the bank of which river is it situated?  

98.   This dam is the biggest dam in Dindori district. It is constructed as part of the Bilgaon  Medium project. What is the name of the dam? 

99. Adorned with natural beauty, this waterfall is situated in Indore district of Madhya Pradesh.  This waterfall located on Choral river is very beautiful. In the rainy season, the surrounding greenery and winding hills attract everyone. What is the name of the waterfall?  1

00.   The Pashupatinath temple situated in Mandsaur district is a major tourist attraction of the district.  The Pashupatinath temple with an image of eight-faced Lord Shiva, is situated on the bank of a famous river. What is the name of the river.



Madhya Pradesh State Level Tourism Quiz – 2023 (Solved Answer Sheet)

  1. (A) Dr. Vishnu Shridhar Vakankar 26. Van-Vihar National Park 51. Statue of Oneness 76. Sureti painting 2. (C) Kasrawad 27. Satpura National Park 52. Avantika/Avanti 77. Sanjha painting 3. (B) Eran 28. Ratapani Sanctuary 53. Nangalwadi 78. Gujri Mahal Museum 4. (C) Shaiv, Jain and Vaishnav religion 29. Noradehi Sanctuary 54. Khajuraho 79. Indira Gandhi Museum of Man,Bhopal 5. (A) Jagdishpur 30. Sailana Sanctuary 55. Katni 80. District Shadol 6. (C) Dhar 31. (A) Mandla Durg 56. Seoni 81. Pahargarh caves 7. (D) Baldev Temple 32. (D) Bhind Fort 57. Jhabua 82. Shankaracharya caves 8. (D) Ashok 33. (A) Satkhanda Mahal 58. Harda 83. Bharthhari caves 9. (A) Vidisha 34. (C) Madhavgarh Fort 59. Sanchi 84. Mada caves 10. (B) Dewas 35. (B) Narsingh Mahal 60. Baijnath Mahadev Temple 85. Udaigiri caves 11. Letters to Mr. Khanna 36. (B) Juna Rajwada 61. Hotel Tana Bana (Chanderi) 86. Pandav caves 12. Kartik Aryan 37. (A) Rajmahal 62. Tansen Residency 87. Silhara Caves 13. Jaya Bachchan 38. (D) JahazMahal 63. Hotel Surbahar 88. Dhamnar/ Dharamrajeshwar caves 14. Kishore Kumar 39. (A) Singhorgarh Durg 64. Maheshwar 89. Saru-Maru Caves 15. Jabalpur 40. (C) Narsinghgarh Fort 65. Hanuwantiya 90. Adamgarh caves 16. Toilet :Ek Prem Katha 41. Shivpuri 66. Tapti Retreat 91. Parvati river 17. Ravan 42. Barela village 67. Malwa Resort 92. Aasan river 18. Neerja 43. Satar Tat,Orchha 68. Tawa Resort 93. Betwa River 19. Kushabhau Thakre International Convention Center 44. Gwalior 69. Tourist Bunglow Chitrakoot 94. Bhimkund 20. Kangana Ranaut 45. PatalPani 70. Sair-Sapata 95. Johila river 21. Panna National Park 46. Balpur village 71. Burhanpur 96. Kapildhara waterfall 22. Sanjay Dubri National Park 47. Duawa Bawdi Village (Dhaba Bawdi) 72. Pithora painting 97. Denwa river 23. Bandhavgarh National Park 48. Gadhapurwa 73. Theva jewellery 98. Bilghada dam 24. Kanha-Kisli National Park 49. Amjhera (Dhar) 74. Dindori District 99. Patalpani waterfall 25. Madhav National Park 50. Ghoda Dongri 75. Betul District 100. Shivna river

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