MP TOURISM Dist LEVEL QUIZ COMPETITION 2023 Solved Question Paper in English

MP TOURISM Dist LEVEL QUIZ COMPETITION 2023 conducted on 27 July 2023 with duration 2 hrs which is scheduling from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm. this question paper was appeared by the selected candedates from districts of madhya pradesh. Here are we prviding theMP TOURISM Dist LEVEL QUIZ COMPETITION 2023 Solved Question Paper for you.

MP TOURISM Dist LEVEL QUIZ COMPETITION 2023 Solved Question Paper in English

Carefully read the instructions then solve the questions.

  1. The question paper has 10 sections. Every section has 10 questions each, totaling to 100 questions. You
    are being given a separate answer-sheet to write your answers. All participant members (students) of
    the schools will write their names and sign and write the name of their school. Then they will write the
    correct answers in the answer-sheet in the blank space provided according to question number.
  2. This question paper is to be solved jointly by the three- membered school team.
  3. Answer should be written only one time. Re-written/over written answer will not be considered.
  4. 01 marks will be given for every correct answer. For a wrong answer or un-attempted question, zero
    marks will be given.
  5. Each team has to write answers in answer-sheet based on question -paper. The question paper can be
    taken by the students. Answer sheet has to be compulsorily submitted to the invigilator.
  6. The Evaluators must follow the instructions given during evaluation.
  7. The Answer sheet must have the signatures of both the Invigilator and the Evaluator.
  8. In case of any dispute, the decision of MP Tourism Board will be final.


Section 1 ( Select the correct answer )

From – Q1-10 have questions based on Historical and Archaeological context of Madhya Pradesh. Read the questions carefully. Write the answer in your answersheet.

  1. These rock-cut caves belonging to 7th-8th centaury are known by different names like Vivah-mada,
    Shankar Mada,Ganesh Mada and Ravan Mada. In which district is it situated?
    (A) Sidhi (B) Singrauli
    (C) Shahdol (D) Satna
  2. In this tourist district Sirval Mahadev temple,Surya Narayan Temple are situated. The Kasrawad
    stupa is the main historic site. This district is also famous for production of coloured cotton and
    the fair of Singa ji.
    (A) Khargone (B) Harda
    (C) Khandwa (D) Badwani
  3. The Udaigiri caves situated in Madhya Pradesh are one of the very important archaeological sites
    of India and are protected monuments of Archaeological Survey of India. These caves are mainly:-
    (A) Buddhist and Vaishnav caves (B) Shaiv & Vaishnav caves
    (C) Buddhist and Jain Caves (C) Shaiv and Jain Caves
  4. Where are tourist spots like Bandarkudni, Mudhiya-math,Tripursundari and Dumna Nature
    Reserve situated in Madhya Pradesh?
    (A) Pachmari (B) Mandu
    (C) Bhopal (D) Jabalpur
  5. Legend says that Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh had incarnated here. Lord Ram had stayed here
    during his exile. Kamadgiri,Anusuiya ashram and Bharatkoop are situated here.
    (A) Orchha (B) Chitrakoot
    (C) Satna (D) Amarkantak
  6. An inscription of 10th Centuray has been found from here which has description of Shivgarh,
    Chamundraj and Mahendrapal. The temple of Maladevi is situated here.
    (A) Gyaraspur (Vidisha) (B) Dashpur (Mandsaur)
    (C) Sanchi (Raisen) (D) Eran (Sagar)
  7. This city was the capital of the Chandels in the 12th Century and is situated at the confluence of
    Guraiya and Vyarama rivers. This city is famous for the remains of Shiva and Jain temples.
    (A) Kundalpur (B) Khajuraho
    (C) Nohta (D) Panna
  8. The fort of Hinglajgarh, Yashoharman Pillar inscription, Raghuveer library and Research Center,
    Luvsagar waterbody, Raj nivas, Laduna and the cenotaphs of Yashwant Rao Holkar are the famous
    tourist spots of this district. What is the name of the district?
    (A) Indore (B) Mandsaur
    (C) Ratlam (D) Khargon
  9. The famous spots like Hanuman tekri temple, Bees bhuja devi temple,Bajranggarh fort and Malpur
    Siddheshwar caves are the famous spots of which district?
    (A) Sagar (B) Agar-Malwa
    (C) Guna (D) Indore
  10. These caves are a group of 9 memorials which are famous for paintings. These caves are believed
    to be the meditation spot of Buddhist monks. Which caves are these?
    (A) Bhimbetka caves (B) Udaigiri caves
    (C) Saru Maru caves (D) Bagh caves

Rest of Questions Read from Here : Kindly Download from this Link

MP Tourism Quiz Competition 2024

MP TOURISM Dist LEVEL QUIZ COMPETITION 2023 Solved Question Paper in English

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MP TOURISM Dist LEVEL QUIZ COMPETITION 2023 Solved Question Paper in English

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